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Katie Hopkins Cancelled in Weymouth and Bournemouth

Kallum Gethins

ByKallum Gethins

Mar 21, 2023
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Three venues have cancelled Katie Hopkins’ upcoming shows following a determined effort to have them U turn on their booking of the hate merchant. Weymouth, Bournemouth and Southampton have cancelled her shows. However, Blackpool and Wincanton are still holding out. It remains to be seen if they will follow the lead of the other venues and cancel her shows as well.

She was due to appear at Weymouth Pavilion for her ” One Night Only” show but was cancelled as Weymouth Pavilion pulled out.

Katie Hopkins recently appeared on BBC Radio Solent where she spoke about cancel culture. She expressed her dismay at being away from the UK airways for five years, but also pointed out that cancel culture originated from her end of the political spectrum.

The concept of cancel culture has been a topic of debate in recent years, with many people arguing that it stifles free speech. However, it is important to note that the term itself was first used by conservatives to criticize the left’s tendency to boycott individuals or companies that hold opposing views.

While it is understandable that Hopkins may feel frustrated by the effects of cancel culture, it is also important to recognize the role her own political beliefs have played in the phenomenon. As with any complex issue, it is crucial to consider all perspectives before drawing conclusions.

2 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins Cancelled in Weymouth and Bournemouth”
  1. We do not want her kind in our town

    Why should we allow some brash woman who is promoting her views to come to our county

  2. What utter non sensical dribble to explain why Katie Hopkins has been cancelled by these venues. The Left luvvies win again with their scare tactics and demands whilst these venue show what cowards run them!

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