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Dorset Police Officers Criticized Over Football Pitch Invasion



May 25, 2022
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Three Dorset police officers have been criticized for taking part in a pitch invasion while off-duty after the Bournemouth Football Club secured promotion to the Premier League.

The officers involved were caught spewing onto the football pitch along with a huge crowd of home fans after their side managed to seal a promotion with a win over Nottingham Forest on May 3rd.

The force said all three were “asked to reflect on their involvement”, with a message sent to other staff reiterating the “high standards of behaviour” expected of them while off-duty.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman also called a pitch invasion at Manchester City’s ground “concerning” after Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen was assaulted as home supporters celebrated.

The law states that it is illegal for fans to go onto a playing pitch without authority or a valid excuse in line with the Football Offences act 1991.

A Dorset Police statement said: “On Tuesday, May 3, AFC Bournemouth played Nottingham Forest and secured promotion to the Premier League, which led to a pitch invasion by a large number of AFC Bournemouth fans following the final whistle.

“An internal report was subsequently made to the force’s Professional Standards Department that stated off-duty Dorset Police officers were involved in the pitch invasion.

“Three police officers were identified and were asked to reflect on their involvement.

“Following the game, a message was issued internally reminding all officers and staff of the high standards of behaviour expected of them both in and out of work and reiterating that no matter how exciting it is for their team to win promotion to the Premier League, they must not be involved in pitch invasions.”


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