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Health Experts Have Called For Meal Deals To Be Banned



Jun 1, 2022
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Everyone loves grabbing a bargain at lunch time with students and workers grabbing something to eat on their breaks!

The popular lunchtime deal consists of a sandwich, snack and a drink all for £3 but of course due to the rise in cost of living this is always subject to availability in different supermarkets.

A health chief has pointed out that with the on-going obesity crisis in the UK, the meal deals should be banned as they mainly sell unhealthy food.

Dr Donal o’Shea, from the Health Service Executive or (HSE) for short, has said these deals almost always include solely unhealthy food options and therefore should be banned. “Literally, that should be illegal,”.

He then followed up by adding: “The industry has the statistics and they know how to prompt and promote consumption, And 70% of people will say no the first time, but if the person behind the counter says ‘well are you sure, it’s a good offer’. Then another 30% will say ‘ah yeah, go on’.

“They are actually trained because the industry has the stats and they know how to prompt and they know how to promote consumption. We just have to be super aware of that and try to resist it. Those buy one get one free offers are always around the high fat, high salt, high sugar stuff, never around fruit.”


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