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Snapchat Update Allows Other Users To Track Your Location With Directions



Jul 2, 2022
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Snapchat is adding a new location-sharing feature as it looks to build up its safety features. The app is introducing live location sharing, which allows users to share their exact whereabouts with select friends for short periods of time.

However, this has drawn a mixed response with some parents expressing their anger towards the social media giant for allowing such a feature.

With one parent saying on an online blog:

(As Quoted)

” What!!! No fricken way I’m going to change mine now, I don’t need people knowing where I live without my permission. I only give certain people I truly have faith in my address but not everyone on the god-damn planet.  I’m also annoyed at the fact they won’t ever take my suggestion on bringing dark mode for Snapchat it constantly gives me headaches and I struggle to read anything on a white background but yet they will add locate people you may want to stalk or murder on it, I swear the app is seriously going down hill. I only use Snapchat because my family refuse to use messenger as a group chat and will only use Snapchat.”

Other parents can see the benefit of such a feature to keep track of family members with one reader saying:

(As Quoted)

” I’m sorry, but that’s actually a good thing for people who share only with specific friends. That way if your friends on a date, and they seem sketch you can find them. Or if your sister gets in a wreck, or your kids got lost on their way home at night. It can be good to an extent. “

Snapchat also has a “Ghost Mode” feature that allows users to turn off location sharing with other people.

The majority of concerns have risen at the fact Snapchat have added the feature where you can select a Bitmoji (User’s Avatar) and an option pops up to open via Google Maps or Apple Maps dependent on your mobile device.

(Snapchat’s new policy)

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