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Double bill of disruption for Yeovil rail commuters



Sep 4, 2022 ,
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Two separate issues on adjacent railway lines will mean misery for Yeovil commuters from both stations

Both of Yeovil’s railway stations, Yeovil Junction (Salisbury-Exeter), and Yeovil Pen Mill (Weymouth-Bristol), will be subject to increased journey times and cancellations for the next two months.

It comes after Network Rail announced track improvement works on the Heart of Wessex line, with its goal of modernising the dates “1950’s-style track”.

The railway line between Dorchester West & Yeovil Pen Mill consists of the older “Jointed” track – which was vastly common on lesser-used railway lines in the country.

However, with summers getting hotter, and acknowledgment that jointed-track is not viable in hot weather, Network Rail will carry out important works so that the railway line is much less likely to cause disruption during hot weather.

The railway line between Yeovil Pen Mill & Weymouth will be closed between September 24 and September 30.

Commuters are also reminded that replacement bus services will be operating between Weymouth and Yeovil Pen Mill. These buses will either call at all stations or at Dorchester West only, in alternate patterns.

On the other side of town, Yeovil Junction will also be hit by longer disruption.

Track defects on the railway between Salisbury and Yeovil have meant that until October 31, the line speed on parts of the line will be reduced to as low as 20mph. In contrast, the maximum line speed is 90mph.

More information about the Weymouth-Yeovil line closure can be found here.

More information about the Salisbury-Yeovil disruption can be found here.

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