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Weymouth Carnival 2024 – What’s The Plan?



Sep 12, 2022 #Dorset
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Who Is Planning The Event?

Weymouth Carnival has been the life and soul of Weymouth for over a century bringing in huge
amounts of monies to the local economy and driving up tourism for Weymouth whilst also helping local businesses.

Kallum Gethins and Jake Brewer are registered Directors of “The Weymouth Carnival C.I.C”, they decided to register under a Community Interest company because Community interest companies don’t quite work like standard businesses. Nor do they quite work like standard not-for-profit enterprises. To fulfil its unique mission, a community interest company must commit to certain obligations when it comes to tax, accounting, and other financial arrangements.

CICs are taxed in the same way as normal companies. They are subject to corporation tax and VAT and a CIC that makes donations to charity can deduct this as a charge when calculating its profit for corporation tax purposes.

C.I.C Structure

The business structure for “The Weymouth Carnival C.I.C consists of a committee; a group of people appointed for a specific role by a larger group and typically consisting of members of that group so be it “The Weymouth Carnival C.I.C.”

Inside the committee will be members of the following:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Social Media
  • Council Liason
  • Music Event Planner
  • Trades & Stalls
  • Enviromental Officer

Each person on the committee will be assigned a role through a democratic process.

How Can I Keep Up-to Date?

Everybody needs to be updated on the progress of Weymouth Carnival 2024, that’s why here at Dorset News we will post any significant updates via our Facebook page for our readers to view. If for any reasons you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Dorset News team at newsdesk@dorsetnews.uk .

What Is Expected on The Day?

The plans remain fully confidential until full disclosure can be released in 2024, however we list below on what is expected:

  • Flight Displays : Battle of Britain Memorial Flight & Red Arrows
  • Procession: The procession will start at Greenhill and follow the esplanade through to the Pavilion and back round again towards Greenhill.
  • Music Event: The C.I.C are planning a ticketed music event down on the Pavilion end of the beach. This will be ticketed to allow the C.I.C to raise money for a following carnival in the next year.
  • A full schedule of music events will be published in the coming year.

(These are brief plans and could change)

Will The C.I.C Partner With Other Groups?

To bring the best for Weymouth Carnival, The Weymouth Carnival C.I.C will work with other community groups to bring together the iconic showcase event. All groups involved will share information relavant to business and public interests.

How Will The Committee Raise Money?

Kallum Gethins who is the managing Director and Chairman said “Weymouth Carnival and it’s committee is soley run by volunteers that work tirelessly to give back to Weymouth and it’s summer tradition. We want to showcase the event for people to remember for years to come and to give back to the local economy.
Sponsorships are important to the return of Weymouth Carnival, I have set out a sponsorship strategy. We have also got plans for fundraising events in supermarkets around Weymouth. “

Any questions please email us newsdesk@dorsetnews.uk


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