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Concerns Rise Over “£1 Vodka & Mixer” Deal at the Chic Bar in Weymouth Following Previous Closure After Violent Disorder



Oct 7, 2022
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Major concerns have once again risen after the Chic Bar (previously Actors) have published a brand new deal on their social-media page stating “£1 Vodka & Mixer”, after they were closed down due to a violent disorder incident when the club/bar was named Actors back in December 2021 after the Police applied for the license to be revoked.

The case subsequently went to Weymouth Magistrates Court, where the acting company – Darya Limited – appealed against the licence being revoked. On Monday, June 6, a settlement between Dorset Council and Darya was agreed, to the sum of £7,500 and altered licensing terms.

The primary concern is that a pound a drink will attract the clientele that the club is trying to move away from. The drink prices are getting cheaper weekly; after speaking to some residents around where the club is situated.

(Image: Facebook – The social-media post from Chic Bar & Club)

The Chic bar has also placed a “minor variation” application to Dorset Council on the 14th of July, inside this application, the applicant Darya Ltd and premises supervisor Mr Parviz Panjalizadeh-Marseh has requested that the premises be open 0:00-23:59 which would cause more concern for local residents particually if certain license requirments have not been met and after previous drug busts and violent disorders, most residents have lost trust in the former Actors Club.

(Image: Dorset Council License Register)

One resident has written online about his concern stating “A pound a drink though will just attract the clientele that parvis is trying to move away from! His drink prices are getting less weekly #despratetimes

We have also reached out to the Chic Bar & Club for a statement but they have refused to comment on the concerns

Featured Image: Dorset Echo/Bournemouth Echo

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