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Dorchester man living in Magna Housing Association Reveals the Horrors of His Existence



Dec 3, 2022
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Nicholas Webster of Victoria Park, Dorchester, has lived at his Magna Housing Association abode for nearly nine years. However, the flat he lives in has been damp for over 20 years. He has had this confirmed by former tenants who have all moved out because of the same issue.

A court case in 2022, went in the tenant’s favour and they received compensation. However, they were only awarded a small amount as most of the damaged items were purchased three years or more ago and they couldn’t claim without receipts meaning thousands of pounds of clothing were lost.

Video: Nicholas Webster speaking of his anger

Nicholas is in serious fuel debt, he uses EDF as a gas provider because of having to have the heating on to combat the mould, It takes a considerable amount of time to heat his room, as there’s no insulation in the walls. Magna took it all out.

Nicholas cannot afford to leave and no other social housing is available for them as they are already in social housing.

He needs advice, as he cannot live like this anymore.

Nicholas is now on the verge of leaving the property and making himself homeless because he’d rather live on the streets than live in fear of dying from the mould/dampness.

Images: Mr Webster

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