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Dorset Eye Founder Says Citizen Media ‘works outside boundaries’



Dec 6, 2022 #Dorset
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According to Press Gazzette, the controversial man behind a citizen media website has said allowing non-journalists to write the news they want to see makes the media more democratic and helps hold power to account.

Dorset Eye allows anyone to register and submit articles on any subject of their choosing, akin to Wikipedia, letting readers determine what they deem to be newsworthy, even though on various occasions struggling to keep up with GDPR – regulations by letting users create articles with personal information attached to them and not ensuring a quality of service to readers whom of which are on the left side of the political spectrum after some analysis by experts.

The page can topics from Brexit to hyperlocal news, with sub-categories for Dorset’s regions, crime, housing, green issues, culture, business, LGBT issues, and more.

The one guiding rule enforced by co-founder Jason Cridland is that no rants will be published – posts must be informative in some way. However, after some investigations into Dorset Eye’s content on its page, it is clear that people are free to defame those who have challenged Dorset Eye and it’s legality around certain articles.


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