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Portland Social Club Face Closure Unless £10k Can Be Raised By The Community



Dec 22, 2022 #Community
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The committee have set up a go fund me page to try and keep the club going.

Rising bills and lack of member support have led to the potential demise of the Portland Social Club which is plays a huge part in the heart of Portland.

Jayne, a stewardess at the club said: “After covid hit, we were struggling to keep the club going but with the help and support of grants and the members we were doing ok. With the financial crisis going on at the moment and the lack of support from the members, we are having to think about shutting the doors for good.”

She added: ” This would be very hard and sad for many people and the social club is a few members’ home where they only see a handful of people a day and we don’t want to have to let this place go. we need the help of the community to make the social club live on and be the best it can be. “

You can support the club by donating to its gofundme page below.



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