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WATCH: Tempers Flare Over iPhone Dispute In CeX Weymouth As Footage Goes Viral Online



Feb 6, 2023
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Footage has emerged from local TikTok influencer @Shaniceinthehouse, which shows tempers flaring after a dispute over a refund in CeX.

An older gentleman purchased an iPhone X on Saturday 4th February. However, he was not getting on with the modern technology. The gentlemen return to the store a few hours later intoxicated, requesting a refund.

It is reported that the gentleman became very agitated when the staff member informed him that their refund policy states ” Return the unwanted item within 48 for a full refund to a CeX voucher”.

To de-escalate the situation another staff member stepped in.

He told the gentleman “as a gesture of goodwill on this occasion he would give him a cash refund. Once he had removed the iCloud account from the device”.

This is when the problem started getting really heated. The gentleman had asked a barmaid in a local pub to set up the iPhone X. It is reported after the man was unable to remove the iCloud Lock, the man became high rate smashing the phone to the floor and stamping on it.

Other customers stood and couldn’t believe their eyes, as the incident exploded so rapidly.

Video Courtesy of Shaniceinthehouse

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