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How do people spend the Easter Vacation in Southend-on-Sea

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During Easter vacation, Britons often engage in various activities such as attending church services, spending time with family and friends, going on short trips, participating in Easter egg hunts, and enjoying traditional Easter meals. Some may also take advantage of the long weekend to relax at home or explore the countryside.

But the coastal cities attract many people because of their beautiful sea views, and two tourists from France and Germany expressed their admiration for Southend-on-Sea, which made them travel there on Easter vacation.

During a tour by Dorset News to survey the opinions of people on the street, Rob said, “I like to spend my vacation at the beach, and I like to eat fish and chips on this day.”

The beach was crowded, despite the difference in the weather between yesterday and today. It was sunny on Saturday, but today it is cloudy, so the ice cream shops witnessed strong demand.

Sunny Southend Beach on Saturday
Cloudy Southend Beach on Sunday

One of the most prominent tourist destinations favored by families in Southend-on-Sea is Adventure Island, where children spend beautiful times in this amusement park, which is characterized by beautiful views of the sea.

Adventure Island
Pier Hill Lift

The St Vincent’s Center has organized a lamb roast for the vulnerable population in Southend-On-Sea, and distributed Easter eggs to children.

Many stores were closed today, including the Royal Shop, one of the largest and favorite shopping malls for local residents, but it was crowded yesterday, as people rushed to take souvenir photos of themselves next to the Easter congratulatory corner created by the Royal Shop.

Photography corner at Royal Shop
Photography corner at Royal Shop
Photography corner at Royal Shop

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