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Push for New Skatepark in Littlemoor Gains Momentum as Motion Set for Full Council Debate



Apr 14, 2024

A campaign started in 2021 by Dorset Councillor for Littlemoor & Preston, Louie O’Leary, for a new skatepark on Littlemoor to replace the old metal one is set to get a big boost.

The matter is set to be debated at Wednesday night’s full council meeting in the form of a motion. Cllr O’Leary started a petition, which gained several hundred signatures and had the support of local community groups.

“The petition was going well but was met with opposition by several key members of Weymouth Town Council, so we changed tack and have instead been lobbying Dorset Council for this to be included as part of any future 106 improvements for the area. In December just gone, I had discussions with other Dorset councillors and officers about this matter, so I am glad to see this matter coming to Weymouth Town Council.” said Cllr Louie O’leary

The park, which is over 20 years old, is made out of metal, which gets very hot in summer and slippery when wet and has been described in the past as “ugly,” “out of date,” and “unsafe.” Cllr O’Leary is asking for a new concrete skatepark. “The money from developments surrounding Littlemoor should be put towards this much-needed and desired facility.” Photo: Cllr O’Leary at the skatepark in September 2021

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