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“Closet Groove” The Silent Disco Coming To Weymouth

Kallum Gethins

ByKallum Gethins

May 25, 2023
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Closet Groove: Empowering Special Needs Children and Siblings through Silent Disco at The Closet Nightclub in Weymouth, UK

In a world where diversity and inclusivity are increasingly valued, initiatives that provide unique experiences for individuals with special needs hold a special place. Among these endeavors, Closet Groove emerges as a truly exceptional concept, a silent disco designed exclusively for special needs children and their siblings.

This innovative event takes place at The Closet Nightclub in Weymouth Town Centre, creating a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment, granting participants an opportunity to engage in an activity they may not typically have access to. Moreover, Closet Groove serves a dual purpose, as it raises funds to support the vibrant and beloved Weymouth Carnival.

Let us explore the magic behind Closet Groove and its profound impact on the lives of these extraordinary individuals while contributing to the local community.

Tickets are only £5.00 per child and parents/carers go free!


Tickets are selling extremely fast so get them whilst you can!

A Safe Haven of Sound and Rhythm at The Closet Nightclub:

Closet Groove is an extraordinary event that combines the elements of a traditional disco with the benefits of a silent environment. In a typical nightclub setting, loud music and crowded spaces can be overwhelming for individuals with sensory sensitivities. However, at The Closet Nightclub, Closet Groove dials down the volume by utilizing wireless headphones, providing participants with complete control over their auditory experience. This unique approach ensures that everyone can enjoy the rhythm and melodies at their own pace, creating a comfortable space for expression and connection.

Inclusivity at the Core:

What truly sets Closet Groove apart is its dedication to inclusivity. The event, hosted at The Closet Nightclub, is specifically tailored to accommodate children with special needs and their siblings, recognising the importance of fostering unity within families. Closet Groove aims to bridge the gap between siblings, allowing them to share an unforgettable experience together and strengthen their bond. By promoting an inclusive environment, Closet Groove strives to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and instil a sense of belonging for all participants.

Supporting Weymouth Carnival:

In addition to its mission of inclusivity, Closet Groove serves as a means to support the vibrant Weymouth Carnival. As a fundraising event, it raises funds to contribute to the continued success and organisation of the carnival, a cherished celebration in Weymouth. By attending Closet Groove at The Closet Nightclub, individuals not only provide a transformative experience for special needs children and their siblings but also play an active role in sustaining and enriching the local community.

The Benefits of Closet Groove Silent Disco:

1. Sensory Stimulation: Closet Groove at The Closet Nightclub provides a controlled sensory experience, ensuring that participants are not overwhelmed by loud noises or excessive stimuli. By tailoring the environment to suit the needs of special needs children, the event promotes sensory exploration and development.

2. Social Interaction: Engaging in activities together promotes social interaction, leading to improved communication and interpersonal skills. Closet Groove at The Closet Nightclub provides a platform for individuals to connect, build friendships, and experience the joy of shared moments on the dance floor.

3. Emotional Well-being: The power of music is well-documented when it comes to promoting emotional well-being. Closet Groove at The Closet Nightclub harnesses this therapeutic potential, offering an avenue for children to express themselves, reduce stress, and experience the positive effects of music on their mood.

4. Family Unity: Closet Groove at The Closet Nightclub recognizes the importance of including siblings in the experience. By fostering connections between special needs children and their siblings, the event strengthens family bonds and provides a unique opportunity for shared enjoyment and understanding.

Community Support and Partnerships

Closet Groove’s success is largely attributed to the collaboration between community organisations, local businesses, and passionate volunteers. The Closet Nightclub is a great supporter of both Weymouth Carnival and embracing inclusivity.

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